La Selva

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Beachcombing in La Selva Nature Reserve

Beachcomb along deserted shores at La Selva Nature Reserve, officially known as the Northeast Ecological Corridor. The “Corridor” runs along the northeastern coast of the island, encompassing from west to east, the beaches of San Miguel, La Selva, Las Paulinas, El Convento, Escondida, Colora and Seven Seas. The reserve protects 3,240 acres of freshwater marshes, coastal forests, sandy beaches and coral reefs. A refuge for over forty rare and threatened species, it is the most important nesting site in the Caribbean for the endangered Leatherback Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), the largest turtle and one of the largest living reptiles on Earth. Before returning to Yuquiyú, enjoy a swim or snorkel at Seven Seas Beach, one of the island’s most beautiful. Its waters appear to have seven colors that shift in the changing light.

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